Meet our team

Tour Manager (National Escort)


Our experienced tour managers (national escorts) will accompany you from the second you step out of the airport until you board the plane to return home. Asia Getaway is proud to have a team of national escorts that are highly knowledgeable about the country’s history, customs and traditions, and skilled in providing customers with a hassle free travel experience.


Local Guides


Experienced tour guides are the key to making your vacation a memorable one. At Asia Getaway, we count on our team of award winning guides and escorts to ensure that each tour exceeds traveler’s expectations.

AG’s Featured Guides:

Ken Tong was born in 1981 in Shanghai. He received Bachelor’s degree in English from Shanghai International Studies University in 2003 and began his career in the travel industry shortly thereafter. Ken has more than 13 years experience working as an English speaking guide across the Asian continent and has earned wide recognition from customers for being professional, knowledgeable, honest and charismatic. He has won various prizes in tour guide competitions of provincial and national levels including:

  • 2003- 3rd place in 2003 National tour guide competition
  • 2004- Zhejiang Province Tour Guide of the Year
  • 2004- 1st place in Zhejiang Province tour guide competition
  • 2006- Hangzhou City Young Tour Guide of the Year
  • 2006- Zhejiang Province Tour Guide of the Year
  • 2009- Hangzhou City Civilized Tour Guide of the Year
  • 2010- 1st place Zhengjiang province ‘West Lake Cup’ English Speaking Guide

Alan Cao was born in 1970 and also graduated from Shanghai International Studies University. His passion for travel and experiencing different cultures led him to pursue a career in the tourism industry. Alan has be leading tours throughout Asia since 1991 and is proud of his role in exposing travelers to new sights and cultures.

Polly Yu
Vice President

As Vice President of Asia Getaway, Polly is responsible for developing new tour programs, working with institutional partners, marketing and business development. Polly has extensive experience in tour management in both the Asian and American markets. She began her tours to China after President Nixon visited the country in 1979. During this same year, Polly participated the First Sino–USA Trade Exhibitions in Beijing. Prior to her leadership role at Asia Getaway Polly worked for Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong as the Sales Manager, a position which enabled her to travel and participate in all major travel shows in the U.S. and Europe.

Polly has an extensive network of business contacts, including those in the commercial airline industry and government tourism offices, that she is constantly growing to help Asia Getaway provide the best services possible. Her client base includes tour operators, incentive planners, meeting planners, associations and trade organizations. Polly stands by her commitment to achieving a world class tour operator status for the company and has earned a reputation for being professional, self-motivated, and hardworking.